Alf could be back… in statue form! Less than 48 hours ago, a fundraiser to put a bronze statue of Alf in a park in New Haven, Connecticut, appeared online.

The fundraiser was created by Ray Willis. He notes that although Connecticut has some famous residents, some of which are honored ad nauseam (his complaints about Eli Whitney are completely justified), Alf has not received his dues. Of course, Alf is an alien from the planet Melmac, but Alf’s puppeteer and voice actor, Paul Fusco, was born in New Haven.

Willis says that “For far too long we have ignored this cornerstone of our cultural heritage” and urges that to end. He claims to have spoken to New Haven’s Parks Department and “other organizations who manage public land” to find out what a realistic cost of a life-sized bronze statue of Alf would cost. The estimated cost is $10,000–“only 10 g’s to honor the real g.” Willis points out that if 2,000 people only donated $5, they would be all set.

Although it’s hard to tell how serious Willis is, the fundraiser has received some amount of attention. At the time of this writing, it has raised $165, 2% of the total goal. Regardless of how likely it is that the fundraiser will make its goal, it’s fun to think about what could happen if it does. To learn more about Willis’s fundraiser and donate if you feel so compelled, you can check out his FundRazr page here.

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