Attack on Titan continues to deliver some truly emotional moments, as Midnight Sun sees the handful of remaining Scouts debate who deserves to live and die.


It’s a nice change of pace to see this show pump the breaks and focus on one, or two, events at a time. Clearly the reclaiming of the Shiganshina District is the focal point of the second half of this season, and it’s used to great affect to cover some great moments in the show. This week’s episode is no different, as we watch Levi, Eren, and Mikasa debate who deserves to get the Titan serum.

As we have been making peace with the fact that Commander Erwin and Armin are dead, the show throws us a curve ball. Both men are hanging on by a thread; Erwin is bleeding out from a boulder sized hole in his side, and Armin had his first layer of skin singed off. Now, both of their lives hang in the balance, with Levi only having one Titan serum to use, one of them is surely going to die.

Bertholdt is in the Scouts possession. With the serum in hand and Bertholdt the unaware offering Erwin or Armin can be completely saved, thanks to the Titan healing factor. The lack of a second serum though means the Scouts need to debate who “earns” the right to live. It’s an extremely tense episode that really leaves you wondering who will get a second chance in the end.

Bertholdt’s final moments, good riddance.

The show digresses for a brief moment as the mysterious man who is the Beast Titan is brought to Eren. While it seems like he is seizing an opportunity to strike, it appears that he actually intends to “save” Eren. Their conversation is brief, but basically his goal is to rescue Eren from his human captors in hopes he will embrace his Titan side. It’s clear he knows who Eren is, but the hows and whys are yet again left unanswered. As the other Scouts rush to Eren’s side, the Beast Titan leaves him with a foreboding message, he will return for him.

As Levi arrives, Eren asks him for the serum because Armin is still breathing. Levi goes to hand Eren the syringe, but the last remaining Scout from the charge against the Beast Titan arrives on the scene with Commander Erwin in tow. Levi pulls back the serum. Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and the random survivor all begin debating which of the two dying men deserves to get the serum and eat Bertholdt, thus attaining his Colossal Titan powers, healing themselves in the process.

What ensues is basically a debate for who “earned it.” Ultimately, Levi has the final say and claims that, even though Eren’s defense for Armin is true, they wouldn’t be where they are now if it wasn’t for Commander Erwin. A bold claim, especially after Eren’s strong argument for why Armin should get the serum. The Scouts disperse and leave Levi to give Erwin the serum, after which he will go full on Titan and consume Bertholdt. Erwin uses the last of his strength to stop Levi from giving him the serum, and Levi then understands Armin is who the injection is meant for.

As the dust clears, the Scouts look on in disbelief as Armin, not Erwin, rises as a full blown Titan, consuming Bertholdt and ridding the world of one less Titan threat. This moment is HUGE and will surely have extreme ramifications going forward. Armin now possessing the abilities of the Colossal Titan means that humanity now has two formidable Titans to fight for them! Surely this doesn’t mean that man kind can rest easy now, but there is a feeling of reassurance as the episode comes to a close, knowing that Eren and Armin, two best friends, will now be even closer thanks to Armin’s newfound Titan abilities.

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