Skybound Games and Beamdog are slated to release a hearty serving of old school RPG goodness for the latest generation of consoles starting this fall. Beamdog first produced these remastered versions back in 2012 with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition leading the charge.

So far three bundles have been announced for release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, namely the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition pack featuring both of the series’ entries, a bundle containing Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale in enhanced versions and last but not least the Neverwinter Nights bundle, containing, to all our confusion, only the first one with all the official content included.

The three bundles will present these games in a visually souped up state with optimized controller support, completely new content including new classes and a refined multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, it’s not really clear what that last one will look like in the end, in the past these games have only supported online multiplayer, if at all.

You can find some more details on Skybound’s website right here and if the name rings any bells Skybound Games is a part of Skybound Entertainment, The Walking Dead mastermind Robert Kirkman’s company. It seems as though they are making more and more strides in the realm of video games, let’s hope this turns out to be a good thing.

Take a look at a trailer right here:

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