After a rough development cycle, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night released last week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to generally high praise. Koji Igarashi demonstrated that he still has what it takes to deliver a true Symphony of the Night successor. This week, the newly acclaimed title released on the Nintendo Switch, but things have been going the opposite of smooth for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

When a current generation title comes to the Switch there is an expectation that there will be noticeable downgrades that affect the game. Typically these are muddy textures or lower frame rates that allow the game to run better on the hardware. Bloodstained’s port to the Nintendo console released to a cluster of issues that currently are plaguing the new Castlevania-esque title. Players are experiencing significant frame rate drops, screens, even some systems, are freezing, and some players are recommending others even consider buying the game on a different system entirely.

This is not the first we’ve heard of the Bloodstained port experiencing issues. Back in April the demo at PAX East was causing the Switch console to overheat, leading to input lag and performance problems. Clearly, the fixes made since then have done little to mitigate those issues.

In response, the Bloodstained Twitter account posted the following:

Those looking for more information on the Switch port issues can find what they’re looking for in Bloodstained’s subreddit, Sadly, as of this writing, though Igarashi’s team is working tirelessly to solve them, the Switch port is not a viable option to enjoy Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. While they ensure fans that patches will be rolling out frequently to combat the issues, an immediate fix doesn’t seem like it’s around the corner.

For other Bloodstained news, be sure to check out our review of the PlayStation version, which runs beautifully I might add. Keep checking back with us here at n3rdabl3 as more Bloodstained news and updates are released.

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