Doraemon Story of Seasons

As we approach Doraemon: Story of Seasons‘ Japanese release date, Bandai Namco’s Japanese YouTube account has posted a new trailer for the farming sim spin-off.

Of course, the trailer is in Japanese, but some story elements are known already, which makes it easy to follow even with a language barrier. The trailer begins with main character Nobi planting a mysterious seed that grows into a gigantic tree. During a rain storm, Nobi, Doraemon, and their friends are blown away by the tree to a mysterious new land.

Then, the trailer shifts from animated cutscenes to gameplay footage. There are brief overviews of the town and some character interactions with the familiar cast and the new town’s residents. You even get to see the farm at an early stage, covered in rocks, weeds, and other obstacles that will need to be cleared.

Basic farming activities like raising crops and caring for animals are shown. Catching bugs, fishing, and some minigames are also put on display for the first time here. Special items are also previewed, even, mysteriously, an item that allows Nobi to catch a swordfish out of cobblestones.

You may watch the trailer below:

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Doraemon: Story of Seasons will be available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam starting on June 13 in most of Asia, and on the same platforms in North America and Europe sometime this fall.

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