E3 2019 has come and gone, and not to be like everyone else, I’ve chosen to cover my top busts of E3. Those titles and events that came in promising so much and yet offered so very little.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

I love Halo. I mean seriously love it. Playing Halo at a somewhat competitive level (cue MLG Pro joke from the laughing hyenas who own n3rdabl3) cost me the vast majority of my grades in High School and College. It’s no Secret, however, that the franchise has been on a bit of a decline since Reach (I personally enjoyed Reach, but still) and with the entire Pro scene jumping back past the newest titles to play Halo 3 again, the future of Halo has seemed to be firmly rooted in 2008.

That’s why Halo Infinite’s mention at E3 2019 left me feeling so underwhelmed. We saw a gorgeous cinematic, sure. But when have we not seen that from Halo? What myself, and I feel most of the community wanted to see, was a glimpse into the gameplay we can expect to see when the title launches next year. In other words, we want to know if this is a return to classic Halo or the rather muted experience we’ve had in recent years.

I look to E3 2020 with bated breath regarding Halo Infinite, but this year simply failed to deliver.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

I loved Apex legends when it launched earlier this year. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the Battle Royale titles on the market, incorporating some gorgeous visuals with fantastic gameplay mechanics. Hell, even Fortnite Copied it.

Thing is, even the nicest bread becomes stale. Apex legends is a gorgeous white bloomer that’s lost its appeal. Season one of the battle pass was underwhelming, and season two seems to be just as so. A new gun and a new Champion are nice, but the map still needs some work, and the cosmetics on offer are yet to be revealed. We’ll have to see what happens here, but there’s simply nothing to grab my attention so far.



“but, Sony wasn’t at E3.” Exactly. Losing one of the giants of the industry from the industry’s biggest event just left a hole that couldn’t be filled. Couple that with big announcements from the likes of Xbox and Stadia when it comes to new consoles and platforms, and you can’t help but feel a little let down by Sony’s absence.

It’s no secret. I’m an Xbox kid through and through. Even so, I want to see the two giants go at it. Give it everything, show the world what they have in store and fight for that coveted slot at the top. Instead, we’ve seen Xbox claim the E3 crown by default.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

I’ve already mentioned Apex Legends, so why not just include that with EA? Apex Legends disappointed me as something I was excited for. EA disappointed me as a viewer, gamer, and just about everything else.

Half an hour for every game. Sounds great in theory, right? Giving each title equal time to sell itself to the audience. In practice, it created the most boring, careless presentation we saw all week. The scrambled interviews with developers to fill time, the hasty screens to cover the overlap, the one hour block of sports. They really had us waiting three hours for the Sims 4…

I love the concept. But giving each game the same amount of time and then talking about 2 things for one game and an entire year of content for another, simply doesn’t work. Give each game time, but give them what they need.

Also, funny that Anthem was nowhere to be seen, except for a rushed together time filler.

Roller Champions

Roller Champions

Well, this fell off the radar as fast as it skated onto it didn’t it. It’s brave to take on Rocket League when it comes to the whole sports that are completely bonkers thing, and while the game isn’t coming out until 2020, what we’ve seen, and played in the trial, is just a little underwhelming.

Now, the title is slated to be free to play, which will definitely work in its favor. Couple that with some cosmetic options akin to Rocket League and you will get players transitioning to have a go. Will the stay after that though? We’ll have to wait and see.

Those are my 5 top busts from E3 2019. Do you have any of your own? Or do you think I got this completely wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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