The newest iteration in Nintendo’s bizarre social simulator franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has been delayed to March 20, 2020. The change was announced during the company’s E3 stream.

As Nintendo themselves have acknowledged, an Animal Crossing game for the Switch has been a long time coming, and fans have grown restless over the lack of information. Aside from being vaguely scheduled for a 2019 release, little was known about the game — until today.

A trailer for New Horizons shows the player arriving on a peaceful island getaway and quickly making a home for themselves: clearing out foliage, setting up camp and meeting the ever-present Tom Nook, who’s always ready to loan out bells — the currency of the games — to fund players’ adventures.

A few improvements over older games were also shown, such as being able to use a wooden pole to quickly leap from one side of a rather to the other. There’s also a crafting system, likely inspired by Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, that allows the player to create tools such as axes.

Although the delay is disappointing, it also feels inevitable given how little had been said about the game before E3. Now that we’ve seen how charming it looks and we know for certain when it’s coming, having to wait a few extra months doesn’t seem all that bad.

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