During EA Play ahead of E3 2019, Respawn Entertainment announced details around Apex Legends Season 2 which will introduce new guns, new modes, and a brand new Legend.

Apex Legends Season 2 is set to launch on July 2 and is called “Battle Charge”, it’s set to bring a brand new way to play in the form of Ranked Mode. This is in an effort to increase the game’s competitive edge following the launch of the Apex Elite Queue. The Ranked Mode will feature a number of tiers, much like other ranked modes in other multiplayer games.

In addition, Respawn revealed that Season 2 will come with a new weapon in the form of Titanfall 2’s L-Star. The L-Star won’t be a weapon players can pick up during play, however, as it’s only available in care packages. Furthermore, it doesn’t use ammo which can be picked up in the game, either, the ammo that comes with the L-Star is all you get.

The reason for this is because the L-Star is “so OP” according to Respawn. It’s a fully automatic weapon that comes with a pretty large mag. What’s more, the weapon can also knock open doors, which could be game-changing.

Season 2 also comes with some new skins, specifically four Legendary skins, two Legend, and two weapon skins: The first is the “Prince of Darkness” skin for Caustic and the second is a “Jade Tiger” skin for Octane. As for weapons, there’s a Spitfire skin called The Intimidator and the Iron Rampage skin for the R-301.

Finally, a new Legend is coming in the form of Wattson a character which Respawn hopes will begin to introduce more lore into Apex Legends. According to the developer, Wattson and her father were the creators of the Ring, so she has some deep roots in the arena players have been diving into over the past few months.

As for what Wattson brings to the game, she’ll be able to place defensive walls of electricity in the game, which when passed, will ping players’ entire teams of the location of that enemy which might be a big help for when defending an area.

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