E3 2019 has come to a close, and it seems that the show didn’t quite draw as well as last year’s record-breaking show.

Lacking the heavy hitters of Sony and Activision, this year’s E3 was already a smaller show before the doors even opened. Couple that with the smaller number of game announcements and the number of presentations that took place before E3 even opened its doors, and you’ve got a recipe for something that was sadly a little underwhelming in parts.

Adding the final nail into E3 2019’s casket is the attendance numbers, with the event’s organizer, the ESA, confirming that this year’s show saw 66,100 visitors, compared to 69,200 last year. 3,100 isn’t a huge number, but as last year’s event was a record breaker, it’s a shame to not be seeing another record year. Still, the event is up 15,800 on E3 2016, so there’s that.

E3 2020 is set to take place June 9-11 at the LA Convention Center.

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