Battlefield 5 had a huge presence at EA Play this year, as chapter 4 of the title’s content was outlined in full.

The segment started in typical fashion, with the second map to be released. Marita, based on the village where the Battle of Greece began, will be released in July, and should hopefully merge with the title’s latest map, Mercury to form a new Grand Operation. The map features a sloping mountain ridge and tight streets, with an emphasis on verticality with numerous hills and multi-story buildings. The Allied forces will be in control of the town, while the Axis forces attempt to break through.

The second map mentioned is actually the first map set to be released. Landing June 27, Al Sundan will be recognizable to players of the singleplayer, as the map takes heavy inspiration from the mission Under No Flag. The map takes place in the arid African desert and is a large, wide map creating plenty of room for Battlefield’s iconic blend of vehicle warfare. The map also features an Axis airbase and will feature 6 flags in conquest.

Two new close-quarters maps,  Lofoten Islands and Provence will release next, offering some gorgeous environments for players to decimate in the first 5 minutes. The focus here is on smaller scale game modes, so no doubt these will be the focus of many a Tides of War challenge come release.

Finally, Operation Underground will be launching in October, between Chapters 4 and 5. Based on the Iconic operation Metro from Battlefield 3, the map looks to take note of some of its predecessor’s shortfalls and create an experience that players will adore. This is a map that will be sure to grab the interest of players who are yet to make the transition.

Battlefield 5 Players will also be able to enjoy a rise in the level cap, as many players find themselves stuck on level 50, with nowhere to go, and have been in such a situation for months. The level cap is to be boosted to 500, with every 50 levels acting as a prestige. Whether or not XP gained after level 50 will be counted upon the rise has not been announced.

The segment finished with an expansion of the trailer below, officially confirming the Pacific Theater for Chapter 5.

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