Battlefield 5 players can rejoice as more details regarding the Pacific Theatre content was revealed at EA Play.

A trailer for the upcoming content in Chapter 4 of Battlefield 5’s post-launch content was released a few days ago, which took a bit of the surprise out of EA Play this year. At the end of that trailer (which you can find below), a new theatre of war was teased. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that this was the Pacific, but it’s always nice to have some confirmation.

The Pacific Theatre will be coming to the title this fall, launching with three new maps, as well as a string of weapons and vehicles. The M1 Garand and BAR were both announced with renderings, and there is set to be an emphasis on amphibious warfare. We already have models for the Sherman tank in the singleplayer, so it’s pretty safe to say we’ll be seeing them as well.

There’s almost a certainty we’ll have maps focused on invasions, with landing craft being teased in the concept art that was shown at the event. Hopefully, we’ll get some iconic aircraft to support the ground effort, a Japanese Zero and an American Corsair would both be fantastic additions.

As for what is confirmed, Iwo Jima will indeed be one of the maps featured in the 3 maps set to launch with the content once Chapter 5 comes around. Fans are already hoping that Wake Island will be making a return, and with Operation Underground bring some serious Metro vibes, it’s certainly not out of the question. The team has traveled to the Pacific to explore the landscape, so we can expect some spectacular recreations when the content launches later this year.

You can catch the initial announcement trailer below, and find all the details on Battlefield 5’s upcoming maps here.

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