Has anyone jumped in and spoiled my predictions yet? Did I die of hype after all of my predictions came true from Xbox? Both are strong possibilities. Remember me.

I’m, luckily, doing Ubisoft late so they didn’t have a chance to ruin anything I had to say about Watch Dogs coming up. But that’s for another day. Today is all about Bethesda.

This is going to be an important showing for Bethesda. We live in a world post-Fallout 76. And, while the majority of players absolutely loathed the game, I liked it. But I can’t ignore how messy it was at launch and where Bethesda’s reputation sits because of it. This will be a prove it conference for Bethesda because it has to be.

Remember, these articles are for fun and shouldn’t be taken as anything else. No scoops, leaks or rumors that aren’t already public knowledge. If I know about anything before it’s announced I will not include it here. 

Doom Eternal

Were you here last year when I mentioned this would pop up out of nowhere? It’s not too late to get those #GageWasRight tweets going. Make sure you send them directly to n3rdabl3 Founder, Aaron Richardson. 

He likes to celebrates my wins. (Editors note: I really, really don’t.)

Doom Eternal is on track to hit this year and it should be Bethesda’s Fall game. Also, it should be headlining Bethesda’s conference because, after July, it’s all we have left for 2019 from the publisher.

The best part change, that I can name, is that the multiplayer is being developed in-house this time instead of being outsourced. Plus the new mode called Invasions which will let players invade other players campaigns as a demon. So you could play as the small NPC that gets its brains blown out by an insanely overpowered gun. That’s a new kind of excitement.

Bringing Doom back to Earth and looking to deliver a bigger and better experience than the 2016 reboot, I’m sure this game is going to be nuckin’ futs.

Wolfenstein Youngbloods

I don’t expect much from Youngbloods outside of an action-packed, Wolfenstein-crazy trailer to get us hyped up to pick up this shooter to hold us over ’til we’re slapped silly with Wolfenstein 3.

Youngbloods is out on July 26th. We’ll see enough of the game so that it’s properly promoted and we’ll be the right amount of excited for it. But really, I don’t need any more information outside knowing it’s a cooperative Wolfenstein game that stars BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters to save him. Sign me up.

I would like to toss out my first prediction here: Whatever video package we get for Youngbloods and Cyberpilot will include a hint at Wolfenstein 3. We know, via Pete Hines, that Wolfenstein 3 is being made. I think this will be similar to E3 2016 when the title for Wolfenstein 2 was shown off and confirmed later on in a full reveal. Similar kind of deal here.

Another prediction, and it’s down here because I didn’t want it to be first: BJ Blazkowicz will say daddy at some point during the conference.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot (VR)

Cyberpilot will get less time than Youngblood but enough time so that it sticks with us. Also, it will probably be explained how Cyberpilot’s story fits in with Youngblood or the Wolfenstein timeline.

This game is also out in July, so we’ll see just enough to get this back on our radars.

Rage 2: Rise of the Ghosts

Rage 2 just released in May, so is it too early to detail the first expansion of the game? I think so. But, this expansion is due out this year so I can believe Bethesda gives us a little taste of the upcoming content.

The expansion will feature the Ghost clan from the first game. So if you’re one of the few who toughed out the full length of the first game, one, you’re a better gamer than me and two, this one is for you.

Elder Scrolls Updates

Between Elder Scrolls Online, Legends, and Blades, I would say the game to get the most time from the show is Blades. Legends received an expansion early in 2019 and Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr just released this week. I don’t expect either of those to receive a ton of time or have anything of substance to show.

For Elder Scrolls fans, this will have to do since we know we won’t be seeing Elder Scrolls VI at E3 this year, according to Bethesda themselves.

Blades will be looking to turn the tides a bit with the fan base, trying to earn a positive reaction as initial thoughts on the product are fairly ehh. This will be just one of the games that Bethesda will work to fix but another one will be a much, much bigger task.

Fallout 76 Updates

I won’t sit here and spell out everything that went wrong with Fallout 76’s launch. You’ve read the reports, seen the bugs, and heard the overall negative consensus from just about every owner of the game. As I mentioned above I had fun with Fallout 76, but I know that everyone has a different experience with every game and mine just worked out a little better. That’s not to say I loved the game or anything but I was able to avoid most common issues.

It’s no secret that Fallout 76 needs an overhaul. Bethesda knows this but I have to believe that they’re ready to take this one on the chin. If I were Bethesda, I would. Accept those failures and make it better.

I don’t think it will be a super lengthy conversation, but it will be an important one. Save face while you have the biggest audience. It won’t win everyone over right away but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Have a plan and share it with us.


The unfortunate part for Bethesda is, I don’t have a lot of predictions for them. When I was drafting each article out beforehand, Bethesda was the shallowest of them all. Not that that’s a bad thing, I mean, it helps me avoid a worse prediction record for this year. Let’s hope I get these few correct.

We’ll get an announcement for Prey DLC/expansion. This is being worked on, we just don’t know where it is or when we’ll see any of it. With this E3 showcase being a little light, it may be time to pull the trigger on a new Prey tease of some kind.

Bethesda will embrace the Skyrim meme that has a video swerve, with one video fading to black then fading back in to be the opening of Skyrim. This will be followed by Pete Hines or Todd Howard running out to stop the joke. All in good fun. It’s video games, have some fun.

There will be a tease for the next Evil Within game or Dishonored game but not both. There has been some back and forth with Bethesda people on what is happening with Dishonored. First, it was a rest and then it was that the team is working on a number of things. Pete Hines said himself that we shouldn’t look into the, “taking a rest” quote too much.

On the other end of the prediction and with less evidence of anything, Shinji Mikami tweeted that he is headed to E3 on business via a loosely translated tweet. Mikami was the Director of the first Evil Within and Executive Producer on the sequel.

Or could his presence lead to another Capcom remake? Dino Crisis maybe? Plausible, but I don’t have the track record that welcomes that kind of happiness.


Bethesda has a chance to turn around the last eight months of negative reaction. If they want to do it properly, they should consult the publisher I’ll be covering in tomorrow’s article, Ubisoft. They’ve revived a few games after bad launches over the last few years, so it’s totally possible Bethesda can as well.

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