During Devolver Digital’s E3 2019 conference/direct a new “reverse horror” title was announced, titled Carrion.

The term “carrion”, for those that don’t know, refers to the decaying flesh of dead animals. After watching a few seconds of this trailer, that title seems fitting.

Developed by Phobia Game Studios, Carrion puts players in control of the monster, not the humans, hence “reverse horror”. As this mangled ball of flesh and bones, it is your job to seek out these unsuspecting walking meals and devour them, thus growing your monster to impressive size. The game takes place in an underground facility where scientists have been performing tests on and observing this curious creature. It seems like players will be able to use air ducts and crawl spaces as a means of escaping any pursuers, but I don’t think we’ll be on the defensive for long.

Later in the trailer we’re shown what said monster will inevitably become, and it is grotesque looking. The 16-bit art style does little to subvert this unnerving feeling you get as you watching this blob pull itself across the screen. In fact, the creature movement looks incredibly well done; striking a good balance between grotesque and intriguing.

Carrion is expected to hit consoles and PC sometime in 2020. Don’t forget to watch the trailer below!

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