Remember that time in 2012 when the entire internet became obsessed with lopping each other’s heads off in medieval combat? Well, Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire certainly do, as they try to recapture the magic with Chivalry 2 being announced at E3.

Whilst the new trailer did show off the impressive new graphics and sound design, the biggest changes come in the form of multiplayer scale. You can now chase your friends around in 64-player battlefields, with the addition of horse riding to aid you in outmaneuvering the enemy.

Additionally, the combat itself has been revamped, being faster and more fluid. Instead of just flailing away at your foe, there is now an element of tactical play to encounters, as players can choose to roll strategically to their feet, or surprise wannabe killers by fighting on – even despite lost limbs.

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Coming to PC in early 2020, Chivalry 2 will first be released on the Epic Games Store, before arriving on other services a whole year later.

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