During Bethesda’s conference at E3 2019, a bunch of new Doom Eternal gameplay was shown off, along with a release date being revealed for the highly anticipated sequel.

ID Software’s Executive Producer, Marty Stratton, and Creative Director, Hugo Martin took the stage to showcase the impressive new gameplay trailer. The team looks to be doubling down on everything that made the first game such a success. The high octane, fast-paced, arena-style combat is still at the forefront. The game is set for release this year, on November 22.

On top of that, the pair excitedly announced Doom’s new multiplayer mode, fittingly titled, “Battlemode”. In Battlemode, 2 players take control of their preferred demons, while a third assumes the role of the Doom Slayer. An asymmetric arena-based battle ensues as the two demons utilize their powers to take out the Doom Marine. It was announced that much more information would be announced during this year’s QuakeCon, fittingly re-titled to “DoomCon” for this year.

Alongside this exciting showcase, the collector’s edition was also announced. While some might not care for collector’s editions, this one is awfully tempting. Put simply, it comes with a full Doom Slayer helmet!! What better way to get your significant other in the mood than donning one of these intimidating pieces of headgear?

There was a bunch more revealed within the gameplay itself, like completely new areas within the realms of Heaven and Hell. Be sure to check out the full reveal below, and let us know your thoughts on this exciting title in the comments below. Be sure to check our site for all of the latest and great E3 2019 coverage as well. After all, n3rdabl3 has you covered.

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Doom Eternal will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch November 22.

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