Final Fantasy 7 has taken center stage for Square Enix’s E3 2019 display, with both a new trailer and gameplay being showcased.

With Kingdom Hearts now out of the way, Square felt we were finally worthy to see what they were working on, and they did not disappoint.

From a full boss fight to a trailer that showcased almost every area of Midgar, the Final Fantasy 7 display was impressive.

The combat was…. it will be disputed I’m sure, but Square is at least trying to please everyone with this remake. With an ATB mechanic that lets players slow down time, for what seems an eternity, they integrated both active combat for newcomers and a more strategic option for the returning veterans. It is still a modified version of the Final Fantasy 15 trailer though, so some will surely dislike it.

Regardless it seems they are pulling out all the stops for this deserved remake. Be sure to check out the trailer below!

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