Ahead of its launch on July 26, Nintendo has shown off a new trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses during its E3 2019 Direct. It’s entirely cinematic, showing off the clash between the three opposing nations — and then some.

Set five years after the events in the previous trailer, this new footage shows the characters in their post-academy life. Edelgard, for example, has apparently ascended to empress in the intervening years. There’s also a lot of cryptic talk of woe and speeches about friendship, which is fairly standard for Fire Emblem these days.

The established premise of Three Houses thus far has been that you, as the protagonist Byleth, undertake a teaching role at a military academy, where you meet and guide the future leaders of the three nations. This new trailer, however, as well as the line of dialogue that says, “Both sides of time are revealed to you,” may indicate that the game’s story isn’t quite as linear as it first appeared.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be the first entry for the franchise on a home console since 2007’s Radiant Dawn. It’s definitely looking a lot prettier than past entries on the 3DS — that’s for sure. Hopefully it has the substance to match its style.

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