As expected, Gears 5 was a huge part of Microsoft’s E3 2019 briefing where we not only got a new trailer, but also release date, and details on a new mode.

Microsoft has revealed that Gears 5 will be launching on September 10, 2019, and it’s “going back to where it all began” according to the cinematic shown. What’s more, the game will be getting plenty of reveals up until the game’s launch in September.

It all kicks off with a tech test in July, followed by a chance for players to get hands-on with the Horde Mode in August at Gamescom. Then finally we’ll all be able to dive into the campaign when September rolls around.

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In addition to the release date, Microsoft also lifted the lid on a new three-player co-op mode called Escape, which is essentially a series of suicide squad sent in to eliminate enemy hives.

Finally, to top it all off, Microsoft unveiled a partnership with Paramount that’ll bring a handful of characters to the game including Sarah Connor and T-800.

Microsoft also announced that players will be able to get four-days early access to Gears 5 if they pre-order the game’s Ultimate Edition or if they’re subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate.

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Later on in the show, Microsoft also gave our first look at the Gears of War spin-off game, Gears POP! which looks to be a Clash Royale-like game for mobile featuring Funko POP! versions of iconic Gears characters.

Check it out:

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