Ghost Recon Breakpoint took center stage with yet another trailer was revealed, as Jon Bernthal walked out with his dog, selling pre-orders instantly in a brilliant PR move.

That’s right, not only is Jon Bernthal taking on a staring role, but he brought along his best friend to share the E3 experience with. But enough about good boys, how about some good trailers, as yet another was released for the title.

The new trailer focuses on the teamplay aspect, showcasing your new squad, the people who will undoubtedly be reviving you left, right and center. It seems that this wasn’t initially the plan, due to the fact this is coming after launch, but it will surely be a welcome addition for many players.

The biggest news to come out of the presentation is that there will be a Beta for the game starting September 5, a month before the game’s launch. The title is also set to be supported for years after its release, according to the developer.

You can watch the full trailer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint below:

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