It’s finally time for the last preview article before we start our live coverage of E3 2019. It’s an exciting time. E3 always finds a way to bring out the hype even in the most jaded gamers.

Nintendo has put together a solid line up for its next year and a half. As I was going through a list of what to include in this article, I kept saying, “I want this game and this game and this game.” Something I couldn’t do with the other companies with an E3 conference. I think there’s an exciting line-up of games Nintendo is ready to throw our way and this E3 direct should offer up plenty of talking points.

As always, this is for fun. This list is never intended as a place for scoops, rumor starting or leaks. If I have any knowledge of something, I don’t add it here. Everything considered a “rumor” is already public knowledge.

Super Mario Maker 2

I love the Mario Maker games. I love the wild creativity people add in their own levels. Of course, people make some of the most rage-inducing platforming levels of all time, but they can still be fun.

Mario Maker 2 is releasing fairly soon after E3 so we’ll see just as enough of the game for Nintendo to pound into our head that a new Mario platformer is here, buy it. But I do think we see a good bit of the game and that we see something new.

Here’s the first prediction of the article: Super Mario Maker 2 will show off a new Mario game theme. The game is already introducing the Super Mario 3D world theme but why stop there? I’m not sure what they’ll add and if it’s Mario Bros. 2 that would be a mistake but I do think it will be a classic theme.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is prepared to be the headliner, I hope, of Nintendo’s E3 presentation. And, honestly, I could watch hours and hours of Animal Crossing footage and gameplay. Just inject it straight into my veins, Nintendo.

Nintendo hasn’t shared much about the latest Animal Crossing game but that hasn’t stopped anyone from drooling over this title. If I get started now, I’ll just end up rambling about things I want for this game and if I do that, I’ll just be let down when my wild ideas aren’t true. But make no mistake, I can’t wait to see everything about this game.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Nintendo announced recently which games would be playable at their booth area and Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of them. Which is a good sign that the game is still on track for the 2019 release window.

This is another game we don’t know much about but we can assume it’ll be pretty similar to the previous two games. How did Mario get lost this time? How is Luigi going to deal with ghosts this time? And when will Luigi get his own show about hunting ghosts in “haunted” areas for eight seasons without ever seeing anything?

Astral Chain

Want to be a cop fight against aliens? You’ve done that already? But, what if it’s a Platinum made version of that? Oh, you’re back in? Okay, cool.

I’ll be honest, this is the one game on this list that isn’t on my radar. Although, anything Platinum puts out has my attention. Once the game launches in August, I’ll keep a close eye on it. With that said, playing as two characters at once does have me intrigued a bit.

I will say, this won’t be the only Platinum game we see during the conference.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon just had a dedicated Direct the week leading up to E3. I imagine so it didn’t take up the bulk of the E3 presentation, giving more time to Animal Crossing which is just the right move.

We’ll definitely see more of the game at E3, just what or how much is left up in the air since we just had 15 minutes of nonstop information. The game is playable at E3 as well. So, if you’re there, get in line for that one quick.

Link’s Awakening

I did say earlier that Animal Crossing would be the headliner for the presentation but I can see that role going straight to the Link’s Awakening re-imagining. It makes sense to me, but, I’d rather have Animal Crossing. Anyway…

Link’s Awakening is another game set for 2019 and is playable at E3 (another one you’ll be in line for, for a long time). I expect to see a lot of how this game is different in this version compared to the Gameboy version. Also, we’ll spend a while looking at just how damn charming and cute it looks on Switch.


Last year I did pretty well with my Nintendo predictions but this year I’m ready to take a loss with some stuff that I want to see.

Bayonetta 3 gameplay will be shown off during the presentation. Platinum has been hard at work on this game since it was announced at the Game Awards. It’s time to see it.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will fully reveal one new DLC character and leave people with a tease for a second character. I don’t even know where to start with who it could be. I don’t want to be the 893,645th guy to say Banjo Kazooie or Crash Bandicoot (who I said would be cool to see in the game last year). I’d love it to be Paper Mario but a third party, crazy, unthinkable character would be preferred just for the hype. Give us Master Chief.

The Metroid Prime trilogy is actually happening. I’m just trying to will this one into existence at this point. I think it’s something we all want.

Super Nintendo games start making their way to the free Nintendo Online games section. There’s only so many NES games out there to keep me using the games on their, time for those SNES games!

We FINALLY see Retro’s game. I don’t even care what it is anymore, I just want to know that it’s something so I know they’re still alive and moving around over there. Or, just tell us you threw out that game to focus on Metroid Prime 4.


It’s finally time for E3, the land of hype and excitement but also disappointment and confusion. I’m hoping for more of the former than the latter, like every year, but I’m keeping my expectations in check. Hope everyone enjoys E3!

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