Originality is having its day once again, as Gears 5 will not include a Battle Royal variant upon launch, to allow the developers to focus on other game modes.

In an interview at E3, The Coalition’s Studio Head Rod Fergusson said that making the upcoming entry and other projects as polished as possible were higher priorities at the moment but didn’t rule out the eventual addition of the super-popular game mode.

If a BR were to come to be, Fergusson was adamant that the Gears of War stamp would be firmly pressed upon it, as opposed to being lost in the crowd whilst the mode is at its peak. This means embracing what makes the series unique – namely its close quarters and cover-based combat system – requiring the team’s full dedication instead of churning something out to make a quick buck:

“So to me, it has to be: Does it come from an authentic place? Is it something that’s compelling and unique? Is it something that’s going to be top of class? And maybe there’s that design out there that has that,”

This has absolutely got to be respected. It’s undeniably brave to fill the place of what many assumed would be a Battle Royal mode with a wholly unique concept, but that’s exactly what The Coalition is doing with Gears 5 as the new Escape mode takes aim at the multiplayer crown.

Gears 5 releases on September 10, so a whole additional game mode probably wouldn’t be completed until 2020, but it looks like we’ll have plenty to sink our teeth into to kill the time.

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