E3 2019 seems to be the year every developer wants to get on the “cloud streaming” bandwagon, with Bethesda being the latest to showcase a new brand of game streaming software, Orion.

id Software announced during the Bethesda Conference that after “Years of development and research” the Orion tech is here, and ready to change the way we play games. By tackling game streaming at the development level, Orion is going to reduce the latency, computing power, and bandwidth required for an uninterrupted, enjoyable experience.

By focusing on game engine optimization for cloud streaming, instead of utilizing the platforms themselves to reduce things like latency, Orion is one of the most impressive tech demonstrations to date. During the conference, an employee of id Software walked on stage playing Doom from a mobile phone utilizing this technology. This further bolstered id Software’s approach to cloud streaming, as onlookers watched her play Doom at a consistent 60 frames per second. Full 4K resolution was also guaranteed for the streaming experience.

Bethesda adds this achievement to its growing list of alleged firsts. Now their Orion software joins the ranks of Bethesda being the first to create a first-person shooter, the first company to create “consumer ready” VR headsets, and the first studio to puts mods on consoles.

If their impressive tech demo wasn’t enough to convince you, Bethesda and id are doubling down on their streaming tech by allowing members of their Doom Slayers Club to try Doom through this service later this year. They encouraged viewers to sign up for the club by the end of the night if they wanted to give Orion a shot.

While a hands-on demo (outside of their stage presentation) is yet to be seen, it would seem that services like Xcloud and Google Stadia have some stiff competition within the cloud streaming market. Be sure to check out Orion’s full presentation below.

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