During Nintendo’s Direct conference at this year’s E3, a new trailer was shown debuting the first remake in a series of Sega games, Panzer Dragoon.

The title will have completely remade visuals for a modern audience, along with receiving multiple control tweaks that help the game feel more natural on the Switch. A sequel was recently announced as well. Other than the debut trailer and a vague release date, nothing much was shown regarding the new title.

The first game follows a hero who stumbles upon a powerful weapon and two dragons. As the player, you must choose one of the said dragons as your companion and take to the skies; fighting off waves of enemies as you fly along with linear courses. Your dragoon comes with either a rapid-fire attack or a lock on ability that you must utilize to keep yourself and your dragoon safe while you’re attacked from every direction.

The Sega Saturn is where the Panzer Dragoon series gained it’s cult following. The Panzer Dragoon Saga remains one of the hardest to find RPG collections to this day, so it’s nice to see them receiving a fitting reboot on a fantastic system.

Panzer Dragoon is set to launch this winter.

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