During EA’s E3 2019 showcase, EA opened with Respawn’s upcoming, HIGHLY anticipated Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The devs showed off 15 minutes of uncut gameplay and promised we would be seeing even MORE during Microsoft’s press conference.

The gameplay featured Cal Kestis (played by Shameless’ Cameron Monaghan) running through a trooper base on the homeworld of the Wookies, Kashyyyk. Forest Whitaker looks like he is continuing his role as Saw Gerrera from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The gameplay showcased a LOT of badass force abilities. It seemed very God of War-esque in it’s approach to enemy encounters. Cal can dodge, double jump, force pull/push enemies and objects, freeze enemies in place along with their bullets, toss his lightsaber in a boomerang-like arc, and much more.

The HUD is very simple and does little to dissuade you from taking in the breathtaking scenery. A basic green light saber type bar rests in the bottom left corner and indicates your health and number of stimpaks. A progress meter in the top right corner occasionally appears as Cal earns skill points from kills. In the bottom middle part of the screen, a force meter depletes and refills anytime Cal uses Jedi abilities. It seemed to refill pretty quickly, so it doesn’t seem like characters will face issues when it comes to spamming Jedi tricks.

The gameplay also showed off the games new little droid, BD-1. This bipedal bot will be Cal’s traveling companion as he braves the hostile worlds the game takes him to. If health is low, BD-1 will pop out a stimpak and Cal will catch it, then inject it in his arm.

It seems like a versatile approach to combat is given to the player. The demo showcased combinations of abilities like freezing an enemy, pulling him toward you, then using him as a human shield as his bullet flies into his back. Environmental objects seem to be free game for throwing around as well.

One thing is clear, Respawn has truly taken the time to make a Star Wars title worthy of the name, and as a Star Wars fan myself, it’s about time we got a GOOD one. Be sure to check out the uncut gameplay below, and make sure you check back with us as we continue to cover everything E3 throws at us!

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