Well, fortunately, some rumors actually do come true. A couple of months ago we reported on one regarding CD Projekt Red’s RPG masterpiece The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Today, at Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct, the announcement has been made and Geralt and his monster slaying shenanigans are coming to Switch this year. The trailer explicitly states that all the footage has been captured on the Nintendo Switch, although we don’t know if the footage is representative of the performance and visuals in handheld or in docked mode.

It should go without saying that concessions have been made and the graphical fidelity is only on par with the other versions at a really short glance. Still, this is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, without a doubt and the framerate seems very stable, though I want to represent the skeptics here by saying that a lot of trailer trickery could be going on here.

Over at Digital Foundry, the rumors have also been heard before the factual announcement and a system similar to the Nintendo Switch’s specs has been put together to see if the portable wonder could actually have enough horsepower to run The Witcher 3. Spoiler alert: The conclusion wasn’t too positive.

In short, a lot needs to be done in the porting process to reach the high standards CD Projekt Red set for the quality of their games. Looking at the miracles studios like Panic Button were able to conjure up on the Nintendo Switch, not all hope is lost though and I’m looking forward to more footage of Geralt’s massive adventure on the Switch. What developer will actually make him a Switcher has not been specified at this time. Didn’t think I’d stoop so low and use this pun again, huh?

You can watch the full reveal trailer below:

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