We move on from Bethesda’s heavy metal night with Doom Eternal and move on to the more poppy and fun Ubisoft conference. You know, if Bethesda was really trying to stand out and make this year’s Doom soundtrack better than the last, they would use songs from one of the best Metallica albums, St. Anger. Editor’s Note: YEAH!

Instant pre-order from me if the opening of the game is set to Frantic by Metallica. (This is not a prediction, don’t count this, scorekeeper.)

As always, these articles are in good fun and shouldn’t be taken as news, scoops or leaks. There aren’t hidden messages about games, a prediction does not mean I’m leaking something in a sly manner. If I know anything prior to E3, I don’t confirm it here.

Anyway, Ubisoft is usually pretty leaky with their upcoming games and this year has been no different. It’s been no secret that Watch Dogs Legion and Assassins Creed have been in production. Ubisoft even included hints at both games in other games possibly, I think, to beat their typical leaks.

We’ll see a healthy bit of Watch Dogs Legion at this year’s show but Assassins Creed could skip the show all together since the game is skipping a year.

Other games to skip this year’s show include Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Skull & Bones since it was delayed to 2020. With that said, let’s look at games we expect to see at the show.

Watch Dogs Legion

We’ve known for a while that this game was on the way. Hell, there was an update for Watch Dogs 2 that had one main character tell you things were heading to London, the setting for Legion. Ubisoft was not being secretive about this at all and after the game was listed early via retailers, Ubisoft confirmed it themselves.

Included in the retailer leak was this description:

“Play as anyone, every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems.”

What that means exactly is still a small mystery but it sounds interesting. Watch Dogs has been an interesting series so I’m ready for whatever new thing they throw at us with this franchise.

Ghost Recond Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Announcement Screenshot




Another title that will take up a bulk of the show is the new Ghost Recon game, Breakpoint, the sequel to 2017 game Wildlands. This game has me particularly excited because Wildlands was awesome. But, if Ubisoft was really trying to get on my good side they would bring back GRAW style multiplayer features such as cutting out my friend’s microphone when they’re killed in action, sending them to a dead lobby where they can complain about teamwork.

We’re bound to see a lot of this game since it has been confirmed to launch in October.

Updates for Division 2 & Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has been great about keeping Siege updated and fresh. It’s a game they want to take into the next generation of consoles, so I expect more and more support going forward. In what form? Who knows, more operators probably.

Division 2 will launch its first episode of DLC Outskirts: Expedition this summer. It’s likely we’ll see more ways Ubisoft plans to support Division 2 going forward along with the Year One plans they already laid out.

Rumor: Roller Champions


Remember how I said Ubisoft is really leaky around this time of the year? Well, their leaky all the time and this year has been no different. And it looks like we’ve got our next game akin to Steep, a sports title that some people will love but most of us will forget about after the beta.

Roller Champions looks to be an online-only, competitive multiplayer game. Kind of like Rocket League but with people instead of cars and not played like soccer but like roller derby.

From leaked info and assets it seems the game will want an esports feel plus support for streamers by including a “streamer mode.”


Compared to the other articles, this one seems kind of light. At least I found a way to mention Metallica’s St. Anger, you know, a good album. But, maybe I can make up for it by getting some predictions right and I won’t feel so bad. Because I’m sure my Nintendo article will get torn to shreds with incorrect predictions.

This year’s Just Dance game will have some kind of Fortnite dance tie-in. I’m not sure how much sense this makes. The dance moves in Fortnite are already just real dance moves and have been in other games but if there’s some kind of song that has llamas and a recognizable emote/dance from Fortnite, I’ll count it as a win.

Continuing a trend, there will be another Ubisoft and Nintendo collaboration. Two years ago was Mario + Rabbids, last year was the Star Fox addition to Starlink. I’ll double down and get more specific, it will be in collaboration with a new Rayman game.

That’s two more predictions, one that there will be a new Rayman game and that there will be a Nintendo collaboration with it only available on Switch. I think it’ll be some world based on Mario locations, I can see Rayman running through the Mushroom Kingdom jumping on Goombas and stuff.


Ubisoft’s conference is sure to be more exciting than my article here. As I’ve been finishing it up, games have been leaking like crazy so I’m getting out while I can. Tomorrow is Nintendo’s preview which is one I’m very excited about.

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