Now that we have EA Games out of the way, we move on to the land of, the kind of unknown. There’s been a lot of transparency about what everyone is bringing to E3 but at least everyone else is being a little bit more secretive than EA so we can have some fun.

Remember, this is all in good fun. Anything I talk about here are my own thoughts on what could happen and rumors that are public knowledge. These are not leaks or scoops. Me commenting or not commenting on a game neither confirms nor denies anything that I may or may not know. E3!

Xbox is looking to have close to a two-hour conference showing off a ton of stuff. And rightfully so since PlayStation is stepping away from the event this year. If Xbox comes away from this E3 leaving a sour taste in our mouths during a year that doesn’t include a PlayStation conference, that’ll be tough to recover from. I’m here hoping Xbox is going to do it big and blow us away. It seems like Phil Spencer and company are ready to play fast and loose with exciting news.

I’m not going to get into everything that Xbox will have with each other their studios, but I do think each first-party game will be given a quality amount of time. A few of the bigger ones will be the bulk as we look to the future of Xbox and the next generation of their consoles.

Also, since PlayStation doesn’t have a press conference, Microsoft will have the biggest stage for third-party games to be shown off. So I think we’ll see a healthy amount of new trailers and gameplay for upcoming games across the industry. I think it’ll work like a revolving door where all these games are stuck and they’re thrown onto the screen one after another just beating us in the face with cool announcements and hype.

That said, I won’t cover announced third-party games here. (If I have extra time look out for an Everything Else article this week. But, no promises.) Mostly, this will be the first party titles taking a lot of the show time and predictions. The predictions will include third-party games that could show up at the conference.

Microsoft is going to come out and blow the roof off the doors this year. It could be wishful thinking on my part or that my own excitement of E3 is finally setting in, but I think this is going to be a crowded stage with a lot of cool shit. But, looking at what will potentially be at this show, it includes staples in modern video games and highly anticipated titles that will release over the next two years.

We already know that Microsoft plans to talk about Xbox Game Pass coming to PC. We also assume we’ll get a look into what the plan is for the next generation of Xbox. I won’t dive into those during this article, however. I do expect to know what the next Xbox console(s) will be capable of, much like the original Project Scorpio announcement, by the end of the conference.

Since I assume a lot of games will be shown off during the show, I’m only going to pick a select few to talk about. Even though I love you, reader, I’m not going to write up something about all 50-some games we could see.

Halo Infinite

If I have an early prediction for you, it’s that we won’t see as much of Halo Infinite as I would like. I would be happy if this was a two-hour show all about the new Halo game. I want all of the details and what 343i is doing with the next installment in one of my favorite franchises.

Last year we were shown a little tech demo announcing the title but it was really to show off the Slipspace Engine that the game is built on. It was short but, man, it was exciting.

Halo Infinite will be one of the tent poles for the Microsoft conference this year. A narrative trailer for the game is 100% happening. Gameplay? Maybe. I don’t feel as strong with that statement. If there is gameplay it won’t be live gameplay. Or what E3 shows try to tell us is live from time to time.

Gears 5

The next game holding a large portion of Microsoft’s conference is Gears 5. I believe we’ll see more of Gears than we will of Halo because Gears is coming out this year. 

That’s the first, bolded prediction of the article everyone. Start the point keeping there.

I loved Gears 4 and last year’s reveal of Gears 5 had me eager to jump back into that world with those characters. A large chunk of this conference will be explaining to us what is going on since Gears 4 ended, how this game differs and more on how the franchise changes from a fully linear experience to a more open area game. We are going to be showered with Gears 5 information.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

I’m just going to call this Ori 2 when the name comes back up in this. Ori 2 has been surprisingly, to me, quiet since E3 2018. I expected this game to out or even have a hard release date by this point. But here we are, patiently waiting for this charming, Metroidvania franchise to drop their latest installment. The game is still due out this year and I think it will be shortly after this conference. Ori 2 will release no later than August 30. 

To double down with Ori 2 predictions, it will also be announced that Ori 2 will release on the Nintendo Switch. 

This won’t be the only title that Microsoft will bring to the Switch. (You can read about what game I’m talking about below!)

The Outer Worlds

I have a hard time believing this will come out this year. I always figured this would get pushed out to 2020. With that said, I think that my initial feeling was wrong and it will hit late this year.

I also expect some shade to be thrown in a not so subtle way toward Bethesda for Fallout 76‘s issues. It might be in good fun, but the crowd will eat it up and Twitter will make a bigger deal out of it than it is. Plus there will be no less than ten sensationalized articles about the thrown shade.

That second part isn’t a prediction, don’t count that.


I might have too many things for this section. This will definitely ruin my E3 batting average.

Ninja Theory will reveal their new game. Hey! You’re reading something I’m writing on where I get to say anything I want and I haven’t gushed over 2017’s gem Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice? Your wait is over! Hellblade is one of my favorite games of all time and whatever Ninja Theory is bringing us next has my utmost attention.

Whether it is that Bleeding Edge leak or not, I have faith that Ninja Theory’s next game will be a Gage Edwards-ass game.

Fable is rebooted. It’s called Fable. We learn very little of the game but it steals the show. For now.

Tons and tons of rumors and talks are going around about Fable. What’s the old saying, where there’s smoke there’s fire. In video games, that’s usually the case. Fable is going to happen somewhere sometime. It’s just a waiting game now.

No less than FIVE games shown during the conference will be running on next-generation hardware. We’re in the last year before we move into the next generation of home consoles, at least for Sony and Microsoft. Sony has started to plant the seeds of PlayStation 5, it’s time for Mircosoft to do the same.

There will be another Halo announcement that isn’t about Halo Infinite, Master Chief Collection on PC or the Halo TV series. As much as I want it now, Halo Infinite isn’t that close to releasing. This may be wishful thinking from me for a new Halo experience to happen sooner but I can see some new small title in the Halo universe to get us to Infinite.

Just because of the trend, give us a Halo Battle Royale using the Halo 5 multiplayer engine. Stand-alone, free download and it’s out in the fall. Call it Halo: Spartan Drop or something and add some kind of lore. Set it up as a simulation for new Spartans. Free ideas over here, 343i.

George RR Martin and Fromsoft’s game is given a small teaser. Video plays showing different scenes of burning buildings, a dark sky, a person in armor moving slowly forward and no one knows what it is but then, it pauses. Black screen. Fade in George’s name. It’s on screen long enough for everyone to react before cutting to a shot from the back of a Norse warrior looking wounded as the camera pans up to some monster only Fromsoft people and GRRM could think up. Some really messed up looking thing. Something you would see on this Garfield specific subreddit. But people will eat this up. And people will complain about the GOT books not being done.

The new Battletoads game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Following an earlier prediction, Battletoads will join Ori 2 on the Switch when each game releases.

Last one. Considering everything I’ve had here, fall under the too good to be true type of category. But this, this is the thing that will have me personally scream in joy.

The new Bioshock is announced. It’s simple. The trailer starts, no one knows what it is. Scenery that is slowly going from nice and peaceful looking to run down and scary. All while a classic song from the 50s or 60s plays. It has some kind of meaning to what we know about the Bioshock world. Until we start recognizing what is going on. The logo hits. Cut back to a run down room that is shaking. the camera pans up as a shadowy figure runs towards the camera and it cuts to black as it reaches us. That figure is the new version of a Big Daddy. Once it’s over, I head out to buy new pants.

If I wasn’t writing this article for fun and you asked me, during a casual conversation, if I thought we would see Bioshock at E3 this year. I would say absolutely not. But I’ve seen crazier stuff happen.


May have got carried away at the end there. Anyway, I’m excited for the Xbox conference. Even if I’m completely wrong on all of this stuff, I think Microsoft is ready to have a great show with some big announcements. Some even to set up for the future of Xbox.

Check back here tomorrow as I preview Bethesda’s E3 conference!

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