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Fallout 76 took up a huge part of Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase, with the title’s new Battle Royale mode’s Beta, Nuclear Winter, being extended due to popular demand.

“We’ve been blown away by the reactions and responses we’ve been seeing all week to Nuclear Winter.” Bethesda stated in a recent blog post. “It has been so amazing to read all your experiences and see everything you’ve been sharing. There are so many incredible up-and-coming Overseers! Vault 51 is lucky.”

Nuclear Winter blends the Battle Royale craze with the world and gameplay of Fallout, pitting you against your rivals for the ultimate title of Overseer of Vault 51. Rather barbaric, honestly. While you’ll be hunting weapons and armor as you can expect, the mode also features some of Fallout 76’s other mechanics.

There are 73 perks available, 10 of which are exclusive to the mode. Taking a leap out of Fortnite’s book, the C.A.M.P. system is still included, although the setup is vastly simplified and no longer requires the gathering of resources to build. Nukes are also present and have been tweaked to have a much smaller impact, but the effects are still very much persistent until the end of the game.

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OH! Remember those canvas bags everyone was kicking up a fuss about upon release? Well, the poor souls affected by Bethesda’s shortcut have now finally received their bags, and as one Twitter user has showcased, they are far, far better this time around.

Things might well be looking up for Fallout 76 now. With NPC’s coming to the title before the end of the year, could we see players making a return to Appalachia?

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