If you haven’t been following the latest Fallout 76 updates, Bethesda announced during their E3 show that the game would be receiving a new mode named Nuclear Winter, which is Fallout’s take on the enduringly popular Battle Royale genre.

Some of the updates to Nuclear Winter include alterations to weapon placements and spawns, as well as some changes to the perk system. The full list is fairly substantial.

The mode first launched shortly after its announcement, alongside a week-long free trial where anyone could play the game. Now, Bethesda describes Nuclear Winter having gone from pre-Beta to its Beta phase.

As you would expect from a Battle Royale mode, Nuclear Winter sees 52 players facing off against one another, with a little Fallout charm sprinkled into the mix. As if hostile enemy players weren’t enough, you’ll have the locale fauna of the Fallout universe to contend with. In typical Fallout 76 fashion, nukes are also present and can be used to wipe whole swathes of players off the map.

This latest update shows Bethesda’s ongoing commitment to improving Fallout 76, which launched to mostly negative reception. Here at n3rdabl3, our Alan wasn’t too fond of the game, and his assessment was fairly in-line with how Fallout 76 was received at launch.

You can watch the Nuclear Winter announcement trailer below.

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