The first ever digital UK Gaming Charts have arrived and it paints a very interesting picture of the gaming landscape, at least when it comes to digital purchases.

For a while now, the UK Gaming Charts has solely counted boxed games sold at brick and mortar retailers, however, over the past year or so physical sales have been decreasing, likely in favor of digital releases. So, last year GfK announced a digital chart will be introduced.

While it was planned for March, it’s taken a little while longer to kickstart the chart, and even then it’s a week later than it should be. But nonetheless, it’s here, and it shows some very interesting things.

Now it’s worth noting that these charts are actually for last week when in the physical charts, Team Sonic Racing scored first place. Interestingly, digitally this wasn’t reflected as Total War: Three Kingdoms was actually the best selling digital game. In addition, when combined with physical sales, Three Kingdoms was actually the best selling game overall.


In second place was GTA 5, which isn’t much of a surprise as it dips up and down the physical charts often enough. What is a surprise, however, is that titles like Minecraft and Uno placed in the top ten in fourth and eighth place, respectively. In fact, both GTA 5 and Minecraft topped the charts the week prior.

Adding to this, sales can have a huge impact on digital charts too, one being that Cities: Skylines shot from ninety-fourth place up to sixth due to a sale and the recent launch of the Campus expansion.

As for titles that appeared in the physical charts last week, Team Sonic Racing landed in thirteenth place  – though it’s worth noting that Nintendo’s digital data doesn’t feature in the charts right now.

And this moves onto another caveat of the digital charts as GSD, the company who is compiling all of this data is grabbing it directly from publishers and developers, some of which (Bethesda) do not release their digital sales figures. Furthermore, GSD’s data takes a lot longer to compile meaning digital charts may not be as regular or as timely as Monday’s physical charts from GfK.

While it’s definitely an interesting look at the digital landscape, there seems to be plenty of kinks to iron out over the coming months.

Here’s the full rundown:

  1. Total War: Three Kingdoms
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Monopoly Plus
  4. Minecraft
  5. FIFA 19
  6. Cities: Skylines
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2
  8. Uno
  9. F1 2018
  10. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

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