With the September 10 release date of Gears 5 fast approaching, developer The Coalition has outlined its plans for post-launch content.

In order to create what they call a “player-first experience“, the developer has made the decision to ditch the old season pass model of DLC distribution. All DLC maps will be free, and new content can be unlocked via the game’s Tour of Duty system.

Described as operating in a seasonal format, the Tour of Duty system is very reminiscent of the Battle Pass used by Fortnite et al. With rewards and unlocks tied to player progression, it is intended to deliver “brand new content and challenges”.

Gears 5 will also feature Supply Drops, which provide players with random item drops as they spend more time in the game. Any duplicates can be turned into a Scrap, a currency used to craft new items or upgrade skills.

In addition to Scrap, there’s also another currency: Iron, which is purchased with real money. Similar to Fortnite, the Tour of Duty will provide a limited amount of Iron each season. Lastly, if you feel like progression is too slow for your liking, you can purchase Boosts to double earned XP or Supply Drop progress.

This is a fairly standard approach for a multiplayer game nowadays, but it’s certainly a relief to see developers moving away from the pay-to-win model. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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