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Google has announced that it’ll be unveiling Stadia pricing, games, and more ahead of E3 2019 via its own live stream, Stadia Connect.

The live stream which is set to take place on June 6 at 9AM PT // 12PM ET // 5PM BST will be streamed on YouTube and will be the first of a series of streams that’ll give players more information about the upcoming cloud gaming service.

“Some news can’t wait for E3,” reads the livestream description and throughout the stream Google plans to talk about “pricing, games, and launch details.”

Google’s clearly attempting to steal the show here as the first E3 stream is set to take place on June 9 with EA Play, followed by other briefings scheduled throughout the weekend and the week following, though with many people doubting Google’s cloud streaming future, can they really do it?

Google announced the Stadia in March at GDC and it initially blew everyone away. The general idea is that players will be able to play games via Stadia on a variety of devices from browsers to mobile, continuing where they left off in an instant. Stadia is also set to run at 60 fps with HDR and 4K resolution on the most minimal powered system. Though a pretty decent Internet connection is required.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see what Google has on show later this week.

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