As if making us go outside to catch Pokémon wasn’t enough, Niantic are back at it again. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an Augmented Reality game set in J.K. Rowling’s magical universe, is set to launch tomorrow, June 21.

Like Pokémon Go before it, Wizards Unite turns your everyday walks, shopping trips and the like into something a little more fantastical. Fortunately, Niantic will hopefully have learned from Pokémon Go’s numerous teething problems. For its first few weeks of life, Pokémon Go’s functionality was inconsistent at best.

Wizards Unite is clearly built upon the foundations set by its predecessor. Gone are the gyms and Pokéstops, of course, in favor of landmarks that are a little more fitting: they’ve been replaced with inns, greenhouses, and fortresses.

You’ll want to make regular visits to all three to make the most of your time spent walking about. Inns replenish your spell power, and visiting a greenhouse will net you some ingredients to use for potions. From the sound of things, the latter are essentially Pokéstops repackaged with a Harry Potter aesthetic.

Similarly, fortresses are the Wizards Unite counterpart to gyms in Pokémon Go. Visiting them will allow you to face off against some of the dangerous creatures that have been let loose into the world. The more fierce foes will require you to team up with your fellow players in order to succeed.

There’s plenty of Potter-themed goodness for fans of the series, from creating a wizard avatar to choosing which profession you want to pursue: Auror, zoologist or professor. Each will provide players with different skills as they continue to level up.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launches tomorrow, June 21. Here’s to hoping it has a smoother launch than Pokémon Go did.

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