This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, and as such, the Louvre museum in Paris, France, will be hosting a special retrospective of his work from October 2019 to February 2020, in collaboration with the HTC Vive.

A unique part of this exhibition will be a virtual reality experience called Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass. This experience will allow visitors to learn about the techniques da Vinci used to create his masterpiece and how scientific research uncovered these techniques. They will also be able to learn a little more about the identity of the model for the painter, which has long been shrouded in mystery.

Best of all, Victoria Chang, Director of VIVE Arts at HTC, has revealed that there will be an at-home version of Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass, which will be available for Vive users all over the world.

Both the Louvre and HTC are excited about the collaboration, which in fact is the museum’s first-ever VR experience. The retrospective show will run from October 24 of this year to February 24 of 2020, with Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass becoming available on Viveport and other VR platforms at an unspecified date “in the near future.”

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