If you liked Pokémon at any time in your life, you’ve gotten into at least one heated argument over who is the best.

Reddit user Mamamia1001 apparently decided to end all debates once and for all–or maybe inadvertently cause many more. The user created a survey of all 809 Pokémon to see if the saying that “every Pokémon is somebody’s favorite” is true.

Over 52,000 people ended up weighing in on the survey. Unsurprisingly, Charizard was number one on the list, taking home 1,107 votes. Charizard was followed by Gengar, who had 1,056 votes, the only other Pokémon to break 1,000 votes.

Charizard and Gengar were followed by Arcanine (923 votes), Bulbasaur (710 votes), Blaziken (613 votes), Umbreon (607 votes), Lucario (604 votes), Gardevoir (585  votes), Eevee (581 votes), and Dragonite (551 votes). You can see how every Pokémon stacked up beyond the top ten here.

As for the saying, it turns out that not every Pokémon is somebody’s favorite. Four received no votes at all: Silcoon, Gothita, Elektrik, and Yungoos are apparently no one’s favorite.

Here at N3rdabl3, we are not biased towards any Pokémon at all. Not a single one.

Of course, in November we’ll have a whole other set of Pokémon to contend with in Sword and Shield. If Mamamia1001 chooses to offer a revamped version of their survey after the games’ November 15 release, it will be interesting to see how the rankings are affected by the new faces in the crowd.

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