Mortal Kombat 11 has received a sizable update ahead of the first character DLC drop, Shang Tsung. While some big improvements were added, a more notable one is the un-censoring of one of the game’s longtime characters, Kabal.

In Mortal Kombat 3, which released back in 1995, Kabal had a special fatality that had him remove his mask, which caused the opposing player to have their literal soul scared out of them. Fast forward to Mortal Kombat 11 and this move has transitioned into one of Kabal’s brutalities, but with an interesting twist…

As you can see, Kabal’s face is apparently so hideous it was too graphic for one of the most violent video game franchises in gaming history.

One of the changes in patch 1.06 is the un-censoring of said brutality. The veil has been pulled back, and Kabal’s true face can finally be seen by the masses…

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While I’m sure this might come off as a joke to some, it’s also extremely anti-climactic. It’s one of those things that would’ve been more appropriate to leave censored. Especially due to the games immense catalog of face masks and cosmetic options for all it’s characters including Kabal. It leaves this brutality looking awkward more than anything else.

Aside from this change, a multitude of other tweaks have been made. Most notably is the ability to now perform “easy krushing blows”. This allows players to practice Krushing blows without fulfilling every single finicky requirement pulling these off initially entailed.

The addition of new brutalities is another welcome update. However, as of right now, the button combinations and requirements have not been released; Netherrealm clearly wants players to try and figure things out for themselves for now.

Other worthwhile updates include patches to the Krypt fixing a bug that would either crash the game or trap players in specific areas. The Towers of Time received some difficulty tweaks for earlier levels along with the addition of new bosses and rewards.

You can find a detailed list of patch notes here.

While Kabal’s secret might be a letdown, these other improvements make Mortal Kombat 11 an even more enjoyable, streamlined experience. With their first set of DLC characters rapidly approaching, its a great time to jump back in and brush that dust off.

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