Just before E3 this year, Natsume made the surprise announcement that there would be a new Harvest Moon spin-off game at their E3 show booth. Just a week after E3, Natsume has chosen to share some more details about Harvest Moon: Mad Dash.

Like 2009’s Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming, the title will be a fast-paced game that delivers the usual farm activities like milking, harvesting, and fishing on a cranked-up scale. The game will allow a player to navigate levels and challenges on their own or with friends while dealing with gradually increasing obstacles and challenges that stand in their way.

The game levels will take place on a regular farm, the beach, and even the Underworld. Yes, Natsume did capitalize that U. Apparently the title will be the first game to have stages set in hell. Fortunately, you can unlock Harvest Sprite powers that will be able to help you with all kinds of tasks. Hopefully, they’ll be able to keep you safe from fire and brimstone, as well!

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is set to release for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 sometime this fall.

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