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Persona 5 Royal: New Character Info and Everything We Know So Far

Persona 5 Royal is the re-imagining of the original game, Persona 5. Since its announcement, Atlus has been dripping feeding more and more information to us regarding this enhanced, updated re-release. From what we already know, this game has received some major changes which won’t only affect the minute to minute gameplay, but the over-arching story as a whole. New social scenarios mean we have more time with our favorite characters, an additional semester will change the end game events, and the game’s newest character, Kasumi Yoshizawa, will play a critical role in the story, which will obviously change the entire narrative as a whole.

All of this is just a taste of what Persona 5 Royal is doing to deliver an entirely new experience. Since the initial announcement, a video series titled “Morgana’s Report” has been continuously releasing more information about the upcoming title. It’s even filmed in a way that makes it seem like Morgana stole all of this intel from Atlus without their knowledge. Consistent updates to the Japanese P5R site and publications in the well known Famitsu gaming magazine have also given us fresh details to translate and sift through. Thankfully, translators like Lettuce Sauce and MysticDistance have done most of the leg work so we can just soak in all of the new exciting details without needing to visit Google Translations.

Everything We Know About Kasumi Yoshizawa

In the reveal trailer, we were able to see Kasumi’s “awakening scene”, the moment in the game where a character embraces their inner-rebel and summons their personal Persona to fight alongside them in the Metaverse. Being a rhythmic gymnast, her scene fittingly involves a performance space, which might hint at a new Palace? It’s also interesting that Joker and Morgana are the only other characters in the following “All out attack” scene, so either Atlus is playing things close to the vest, or perhaps we’ll be getting our new character relatively early in the game.

We also meet Kasumi’s Persona, called Cendrillon, which is the French name for ‘Cinderella’ as well as the name of a four-part opera/ballet; convenient.

A lot has been revealed regarding this newcomer’s background and role, but little has been shown regarding her effectiveness in combat, until now. Kasumi seems like a physically based fighter if her small SP gauge is anything to go off of. She sports a rapier-like sword and seems to focus on primarily physical attacks going off of the footage. However, when she is forced to use magic, it seems the Bless element is her specialty.

Speaking of the Bless Element, each character has their own Tarot card, which designates the type of Arcana they specialize in. Like all other primary P5 characters, Kasumi will have her own social link that lets you get closer to her character. Kasumi’s Arcana seems to be “the Faith”. Be sure to check out her reveal trailer below!

In the same trailer that showcased Ryuji’s new partner attack, we also saw a third Persona evolution available. In P5, players could evolve their persona once they achieved a Rank 10 Confidant level. Ryuji’s persona transformed from Captain Kid into Seiten Taisei. Now, we see these two evolutions combine to form a new, third evolution to create William Kidd. Sadly, we don’t know what the requirements will be to obtain this third evolution. This feature was initially introduced in Persona 4 Golden, but then you needed to catch up with the appropriate party member after they achieved Rank 10 in order to initiate the late game social link evolution. Since there is a convenient extra semester being thrown into P5R, I’d imagine this new end-game stage will be where we get the chance to obtain these new, final evolutions.

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