UPDATE: Due to a mistranslation in the original interview, Taura has taken to Twitter to state that he said he is simply thinking about how Astral Chain could be expanded into a trilogy if the first game was to sell well, not that there was any existing design in place for this to happen.

Typically developers wait to see how a new IP does before discussing any plans for sequels or continuations. Apparently, according to a recent IGN interview, Astral Chain‘s director, Takahisa Taura, confirmed that they plan to have Astral Chain be a trilogy, assuming the new title sells well enough.

During the IGN Benelux interview, Taura said the following, “Currently, there are no plans to publish extra content for Astral Chain. We’re making the game as a trilogy, and this is the first part of that trilogy. If this game sells well, we might see how the story of the series continues.” 

To be fair, Platinum Games has a solid roster of action/action RPG titles which surely gives them the confidence to make such a bold claim this prematurely. Titles like Vanquish, Metal Gear: Rising, Bayonetta, and Nier: Automata have all been touched by the once co-designer-turned-game director. Joining Taura on Astral Chain is Hideki Kamiya, who directed both the original Resident Evil 2 and Okami. Between the two is an impressive library of titles that all have been well received for their combat and gameplay. So yeah, I think they’re safe to assume Astral Chain could definitely be Platinum’s new trilogy.

This new title won’t just be an action RPG though, in the floating city called the Ark, there is detective work to take care of as well. Players will explore crime scenes in pursuit of chimera leads (the game’s antagonists) with the help of their demonic counterpart referred to as a ‘Legion’. Legions are sensitive to Chimera activity, and thus are the perfect companions to bring with you on these investigations. Once the chimera is discovered it’s up to you and your Legion to defeat the threat through Platinum Game’s long-standing, tight action combat mechanics.
With success stories like Bayonetta and Nier: Automata, I’m sure Astral Chain will have some incredible combat that will keep players coming back for more. Obviously, this first game has been developed with a trilogy in mind. That means, if it doesn’t sell well, we may never have answers to the long-standing questions this game will surely have us asking. With the Platinum Games name behind it, I think it’s safe to say Astral Chain will deliver more than we may be expecting.
Astral Chain drops for the Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019.

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