Sony fans were met with some disappointing news yesterday as the company revealed that they were to increase the prices for PlayStation Plus subscriptions across several key demographics.

The news was brought to the fore once users on a thread over at PSNProfiles noted that Sony had been sending out emails that seem to suggest at their desires to hike the prices for the service, specifically in the European and Japanese markets.

The only countries that have been highlighted at particular risk of a price raise are France, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, Japan and Australia, but it isn’t unforeseeable that more won’t join the bunch.

Sony has made it clear that the changes in price will be officially instated on August 1st, 2019.

A placeholder for the price changes can be seen below:

12 months – ¥5143 (no change)
3 months – ¥2150 (from ¥1337)
1 month – ¥850 (from ¥514)

12 months – €59,99 (no change)
3 months – €24,99 (no change)
1 month – €8,99 (from €7,99)

12 months – 69.90 CHF (from 59.90)
3 months – 27.90 CHF (from 24.90)
1 month – 9.90 CHF (from 7.90)

12 months – 620.00 kr (from 575.00)
3 months – 260.00 kr (from 235.00)
1 month – 95.00 kr (from 75.00)

What are your thoughts on the price change? Are you happy to pay more for your subscription? Or, now that Sony has made their Instant Game Collection a little less desirable, is it getting a bit too pricey?

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