Razer has a reason to celebrate this week, as their famous DeathAdder mouse has surpassed 10 Million units sold worldwide.

For those unfamiliar, the Razer DeathAdder is one of the first ergonomic mice designed purely for gaming. since its release in 2006, the DeathAdder has appeared in 25 variations, including game- and team-branded editions.

The DeathAdder was the first gaming mouse to be produced specifically in a left-handed version. Razer crafted the DeathAdder in a mirror image of itself to meet the needs of left-handed gamers, sharing all the same features as its regular counterpart.
The mouse perfectly supports both palm and claw grip, popular with gamers and has been honed over the years to offer the perfect option for anyone looking for a gaming mouse with no compromises. Hell, even I’ve owned one and I’m a complete peripheral snob.
Congratulations to the team over at Razer for their landmark milestone. Here’s to another million units!

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