Square Enix has this week announced a brand new title, Outriders, following a series of cryptic tweets over on Twitter.

Despite E3 2019 being just around the corner, Square Enix has been hard at work teasing and then finally revealing its new game which appears to be a chilling space survival game. Outriders, as it’s called, is set to be fully unveiled at E3.

Details around the new title are slim. Over the course of the past few weeks, Square Enix’ Twitter account has been teasing the game in the form of log entries from a “Captain Tanner”. The climax of these messages came in the form of the above Tweet.

As for who’s working on the game, well a new Crystal Dynamics studio is working on the upcoming Avengers game, but the original studio could be working on this. There’s also DONTNOD Entertainment, however, they likely have their hands full with Life is Strange 2 and the upcoming episodic title, Twin Mirror.

I guess we’ll find out this weekend when Square Enix show the game off to the world during their showcase on June 10 at 6PM PT // 9PM ET // 2AM BST.

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