Thanks to a sneaky fan, we now have our first look at the upcoming Monster Hunter movie, starring Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa.

During this year’s International Shanghai Film Festival it appears that fans in attendance scored an early sneak peek at the first trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation. However, thanks to smartphones, and smart people, anyone quick enough to check out this article will now get a look at the upcoming Monster Hunter film as well!

To be fair, this “trailer” is more of a teaser, considering its about 30 seconds long. That being said, we get a brief look at the main characters in this film along with some quick environment shots, as well as a look at what would seem to be a Diablo.

If nothing else, it would seem a lot of effort has gone into the costume designs. Sadly, due to the fuzzy nature of the trailer, it’s difficult to dissect more specific details regarding the film. Being helmed by Paul W.S. Anderson, it’ll be interesting to see which direction his vision takes this latest video game adaptation. Anderson is no stranger to video game films, having directed the original Mortal Kombat along with a few of the mainstream Resident Evil films. However, his style and approach can certainly be a point of debate, let’s be honest, none of those movies were incredible.

From what we can see though, they’re trying to make this movie right. The Deviljho definitely looks like a Deviljho, in silhouette and scale. The costumes seem on point, and there will surely be a bunch of fire and explosions. If nothing else, it looks like this film is at least moving in the right direction.

For other Monster Hunter movie news, be sure to check out Milla Jovovich’s own pictures from the set, and continue to check back with us here at n3rdabl3 as more news surrounding this movie releases… or leaks.

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