Likely intended as a tie-in to her recent reveal in the Final Fantasy VII remake, Tifa Lockhart is now set to join the roster of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Announced during a Square Enix livestream, Tifa was shown to be a speed-type fighter. Her default outfit is her original Final Fantasy VII attire, rather than the amended look from the remake, and her alternate uniform is the much more badass look she sported in the Advent Children movie.

Tifa is the third Final Fantasy VII character for the game, after Cloud and Sephiroth, and she will be added to the Japanese version of Dissidia on July 3. Square Enix have yet to confirm if that date also applies to other regions.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launched to a fairly mixed reception, a view which was shared by our own Paul Kelly. Unlike the two Dissidia titles for PSP, which were developed by Square Enix themselves, this newest game in the fighting spin-off series was helmed by Team Ninja of Dead or Alive fame.

Tifa is the latest of many updates made to the game. You can check out her gameplay in the trailer below.

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