Although Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night launched to widespread acclaim, one thing, in particular, was amiss: its Switch version had several problems that weren’t present on other platforms. Fortunately, a patch to address these issues is on the way.

As spotted by NintendoLife, the developers posted an update to the game’s Kickstarter page outlining their plans for the upcoming update. You can read the full list of changes here.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter post does mention that the upcoming patch won’t address the game’s performance issues. On that matter, the developer added that they will “be sharing more information in the coming weeks.”

So, what can you expect from the patch? From the Kickstarter post, it seems like it’s mostly focused on quality-of-life improvements such as making the map more user-friendly and fixing quest-related bugs. A few adjustments have also been made to the power of certain weapons and HP increases to the Dullahammer Head and Malediction enemies.

It’s a shame, though, that Bloodstained players on the Switch aren’t yet getting the performance improvements they’ve been waiting for. When we have more information about that particular patch, we’ll let you know.

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