Apex Legends Season 2 is underway, with big changes to the map and weapons. To celebrate, Twitch Prime is giving players some skins for the title’s newest additions.

The new skins are available for the newest additions; the Champion Wattson, and the new L-STAR light machine gun. These entered the game alongside a host of changes, including Magazines for Energy Weapons and hop-ups for the RE-45, P-2020 and Mozambique.

These new skins are both released as part of a themed pack, focused on the deadliest theme in the universe; sparkly things and unicorns. Wattson’s skin, Sweet Dreams, is a purple and yellow jumpsuit with two different kinds of unicorns on it. The L-STAR skin, Stellar Stallion, also features drapings of purple and of course, a unicorn.

The skins are available to Apex Legends players who have connected their Twitch Prime and Origin accounts and can be claimed via the link here.

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