Although it hasn’t yet been formally announced, it’s looking pretty assured that a bundle of Rocksteady’s popular superhero games is on the way. An Amazon listing for Batman: Arkham Collection indicates that you can once again be the Batman on September 6.

The pack includes the three games in the Arkham trilogy: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight. It will not, however, feature the spin-off Arkham Origins. Its Amazon page has options for a PS4 and Xbox One version, but there’s no mention of anything for the Switch. The whole package will set you back £40.

Also courtesy of Amazon, we know what content to expect from each game: all of it, basically. The trio of titles are the “definitive versions”, which indicates that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City will be the remasters previously included in the Batman: Return to Arkham bundle. Like its predecessors, Arkham Knight will also include all of its post-launch DLC.

It isn’t uncommon for remasters and ports to be used to renew or bolster interest ahead of an upcoming project. Neither Rocksteady nor Warner Bros. were at E3 this year, but perhaps we’ll be hearing something from them soon.

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