Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Norman Reedus simulator, Death Stranding, has had its fair share of cryptic trailers so far, and one fan has gone back to the original reveal video and remade it with PS1-style graphics.

Youtube user Hoolopee uploaded the video on July 2, which shows the footage from Death Stranding’s first trailer in all the rough, unpolished glory of a PS1 game. If you’ve ever wondered what a naked, polygonal Norman Reedus would look like, now you have your answer.

Death Stranding was originally revealed at E3 way back in 2016, and there was a curious mix of reactions: most people who play video games know who Hideo Kojima is, I’d imagine, and many will be excited for his latest project, but even now, three years later, the finer details of Death Stranding remain unclear.

Hideo Kojima has waded into the debate several times during the game’s development, eager to clarify just what kind of experience his team are working on. In the same way that his renowned Metal Gear Solid series was dubbed Tactical Espionage Action, Kojima describes Death Stranding as a “Social Strand System,” whatever that means.

Assuming there are no delays, Death Stranding is set to confuse and enthrall us all on November 8. In the meantime, check out its PS1 version below.

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