Nintendo’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses is currently enjoying a very positive reception from players, but there is one dark cloud hanging over the game. Chris Niosi, who voices the male version of protagonist Byleth, has admitted to years of abuse towards friends and significant others.

Niosi is a voice actor whose work includes games such as Octopath Traveler, Friday the 13th and Tales of Zestiria, among others. He took to his Tumblr account to publicly apologize to the numerous people he has mistreated over the years.

Nintendo has been quick to respond, and it appears that they’re removing all of Niosi’s work on the character. Byleth was recently added to the mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes, again voiced by Niosi, but a recent trailer credits Zach Aguilar as the new voice of Byleth.

It has also been confirmed that the character will be recast for Three Houses, and an upcoming patch will replace all of Niosi’s work. It’s a fair bet that Aguilar will also be voicing the character in Three Houses.

Nintendo has yet to confirm when the replacement voice-overs will be patched into the games.

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