It feels like we’ve seen it all: reality television shows where contestants compete with glassblowing, dancing, cupcakes, weapon forging, sugar sculptures… Soon, we’ll have LEGO Mastersa LEGO-building competition show on Fox.

The show is actually based on a UK television show of the same name that has proven itself a hit so far with regional fans. This isn’t the first spin-off for the show, either: Germany and Australia also already have their own editions of LEGO Masters. 

As it is, the American LEGO Masters will follow the format set by the UK original: twelve pairs of builders with be pitted against each other throughout a series of building challenges. Eventually, this will winnow down to the final three pairs, who will compete for “the ultimate LEGO trophy” as well as the “LEGO MASTERS” title.

At this time, there hasn’t been an episode count released or a premiere date for the show. Filming for the show begins this October, and casting for the show is currently open.

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